Sunday, March 26, 2017

How do you express your love for someone?

I'm sure you know, a simple message won't do. You may have yearned to speak to them for weeks but may never have had the courage or even a rational interest to put out. Maybe you have too much to do.. and keeping in touch is too much work and distracting. Maybe you have thought about this and it seems sensible to hold back and do your work instead. Let life take you where nothing will hurt and nothing will be messy. Because restraint is the marker of civilization. Affection is sweeter when it is not selfish at all. Love is all giving.

Anyway, back to the love letter, you ,the reader will have to send someday to the furball/bombshell you must charm and impress.
The idea is to groom a piece of paper into devious black magic, and with which you can bewitch the cruel god/goddess of love, who has taken over your mind. An honest confession will entail telling them about the yearning that you have endured for the longest time. Yet, how many times have you had the patience to tend to a pining admirer who is hopelessly stubborn and juvenile about his bleeding heart?
So allow your heart to drip. But don't ruin the paper yet. Heart will turn blue in due time. And the paper, whiter. Listen to their voice. Does your heart thump at an irregular pace? You should know that that will be a hindrance. It will have to slow down. The paper is still white and you're wondering what that will convey. A cool confidence? Not convincing, is it, with those butterflies in your stomach? They will die unloved. So torture them a little. Smear your love letter with butterfly blood and trace their fading breath on it. Looks colourful and rich ? That means there's some torturing left to do. You know how tragedy is romantic. This time shade the paper with your warm hopes, and it'll darken.
There is no need to give it to them.