Sunday, April 24, 2016


I've got to find some
Mirrors mirrors mirrors
To show you the lines on your Dorian Gray
The coldness you felt when you said 'I love you' -  did you think nobody would understand the glint in your eyes
Your cursory show of libido - I have a nude of you in my wallet
Oh baby your perfume will haunt them for years and
Do you know your whispers felt like sonic booms
They were delicate creatures drawn by the smell of sex and poetry
Sex and love were in their nature
Don't blame yourself, you just wanted the love and intensity
And the flattery- kept the ball rolling
Do you think it's all true that the scars remain hidden?
Do I have to find you
Mirrors mirrors mirrors
I think I've had my fun

I'll let you have yours. 


  1. They did it with mirrors. And it wasn't much fun, y'know :-)

    1. It was in my imagination.
      You continue to remain elusive.

    2. With those locks in place.

  2. I am a slave of shadows. I have lost the key to light, the key to flight, and the key to might. Kind of absurd.
    You, Goldfish, or the real you, remain a reflector of light with your fish bowl. Thank you for that :-)

    1. It is probably because you don't write anymore. Seriously. I've never read anything more beautiful. You need to open that vent.
      And thank you, I wish that were true.

  3. I exaggragate sometimes. Like a failed poet. But that doesn't mean what I say is always untrue. I wasn't throwing words into the hollow bowel of kindness when I said your bowl reflected light and that I got to see just a little of the world. You see, there wouldn't be darkness proper without a little light :-)