Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The glitter

How would you describe your achievements in life.. How would you count down the notches on your belt.. And would you count them with a glint in your eye and a wide smile, like I would :-) ? Or with proud solemnity that would largely overshadow those on mine?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Look Ahead Pointer

You curse your taurian-ness and your new found nerve to even refer to it for your painfully up to the brim content tummy. It is weird, but what isn't; you have also turned into a junk food junkie from the health super conscious exercise enthusiast that you have always done yourself onto. Where would you pin point the people love that you have developed? Especially the spending time with people love. That it is short lived, you can only console yourself. Or you can curse the frivolity and burden it with the very serious charge of sentimentality and vice versa? Situation or not, you have to get a grip on yourself, you tell yourself. Come on, bring on the inherent moksha love. Before your karma turns around on you and throws you in the gutter for all that mawkishness, please. Warm, content and needy is what you are right now. Hardly interesting, too. Out of that box, now! That dark, cozy, hibernation zone. Step out, step by step, and don't trip. Let's get back to the nice routine of me-time and work time. The rather simple and clear preamble of smart people know what they're doing, career consciousness, and consciousness in general. Hello final year, but you're about to end so soon..

Saturday, September 29, 2012

(PS: Schrodinger's cat on the loose? :P)

Bubbling out of you
the white that diminishes the previous
the white that is an envelope
covers you
uncovers you
you chasm to a brittle ground
and you must keep changing
to know what's true
nothing you know is true
cause you are all brittle, unknown, fickle
all the games you make
you make but don't follow
you say but you don't like
anything enough
you wonder whether you are
to yourself
what you hold on to
neither nature nor nurture