Sunday, December 4, 2011

The End

I have had so much time lately, I was wondering if the world would really end in 2012..
I for one can't wait for it to.(and wouldn't it be exciting too?)
What would I do with a healthy 80 year long life? the world isn't getting any better, is it?
Yes, the geeky crowd makes us proud and googly every now and us unlimited data storage..multimedia superpowers..what hits harder than the rest when i think of what i do with my time, is the INTERNET...and thanks to amreecan companies richer than amreeca, us lesser mortals are given an interesting and obese time..and of course, information is now stored in the clouds. :P

regardless, i think this world is churning out a gross horror story..with all it's crime, mindless population growth, and the sheer coldness and cruelty with which people rob others of their dreams and even their basic requirements, while themselves enjoying a luxurious life, even when ironically, they are at positions entrusted for the welfare of the state.. i do sound like i read the wrong section of the papers everyday, but it is everywhere.. our absorbing, easy, delusive lives are only broadening the chasm between this world and us..
though i don't subscribe to the sci fi outlook of a hi tech world with super sonic cars taking us from one aerial or even terrestrial home to another pre annihilation.. but maybe afterwards?
this world needs a lot of shaking up..
so I wish with all my heart for an apocalyptic 2012..meanwhile, make sure that you've done the fun things before 12-12-12..;)